Megainpharm GmbH founded in 2003 in Austria, is a long-term partner of the company LLC INFAMED involved in manufacturing and distribution of multiple application antiseptic solution Myramistin® on the territory of the Russian Federation and CIS countries.

Marketing Authorization in the Russian Federation

Megainpharm GmbH core activity is state registration (Marketing Authorization) of pharmaceutical products intended for medical use, i.e. medicinal products, medical devices and pharmaceutical substances within the territory of the Russian Federation and the Eurasian Economic Union. Our comnpany has ample experience in the field of state registration of pharmaceutical products. Our specialists design the most effective projects of state registration for medicinal products, pharmaceutical substances and medical devices, that allows to complete the registration as soon as practicable without spending extra resources. ...

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Preclinical Trials of Medicinal Products

Megainpharm GmbH is experienced in preclinical trials management within the territory of Russia and the European Union. We cooperate with numerous scientific research centers in order to design the most effective preclinical trials plan complying with all existing laws, regulations and reference documents. Successful completion of preclinical trials results in clinical trials authorization for further studies of medicinal product safety and efficacy...

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Local Representative of MA Holder

Megainpharm GmbH has ample experience in the field of commercial release of medicinal products. Positioning of our headquarters in Vienna, Austria allows for easy cooperation with leading pharmaceutical distributors and pharmacy chains operating in the European Union. Thereby, we can offer our services as local representative of Marketing Authorization holder. Our team of experts design the most effective distribution plans, with respect to product’s specificities, existing laws and regulations and reference documents...

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EU cGMP Certification

Megainpharm GmbH core activities are tightly related to medicinal products production and distribution within the territory of Russia and the EU. These processes require confirmation of compliance with applicable standards in order to obtain appropriate certificates, including Marketing Authorization. Main standard requiring compliance certification is called Good Manufacturing Practice – GMP...

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