Contract Manufacturing Organization and Production Localization


   We are ready to share our experience in understanding of production sites arrangements in the EU with colleagues from the EEU countries who consider contract manufacturing. Solid formulations, semi-solid formulations and liquids require specific knowledge and understanding of local producers’ production capacities. We apply our and our European colleagues’ experience to select a partner (CMO) for localization of your product in the EU.

We can recommend a variety of local sites for our European partners to localize their production in the EEU countries. We consider the pharmaceutical cluster ECOBALTIC in Kaliningrad oblast’, Russia, most perspective in terms of local logistics and tax conditions. Industrial park ECOBALTIC complies with all applicable requirements and provides some compelling taxation schemes for different value chains if a production stage is performed at the abovementioned site.

  For instance, it is sufficient to deliver in-bulk product or API to the ECOBALTIC site, perform tableting or filling in containers (free of VAT or customs duty), then ship finished product to Russia or the EEU countries with 180-day VAT tax deferral. When investing 50 mil RUB in pharmaceutical production, profit tax is 0% first 6 year, 50% of standard taxation rate next 6 years and other policy favors.