Megainpharm GmbH founded in 2003 in Austria, is a long-term partner of the company LLC INFAMED involved in manufacturing and distribution of multiple application antiseptic solution Myramistin®. As a product license holder, Megainpharm GmbH is mainly focused on obtaining sufficient permits and documents for commercial release of Myramistin®. Currently, Myramistin® is one of the best-selling OTC products on the territory of Russia and the EEU countries, which was assured not only through clinically proven therapeutic effect of the preparation, but also through careful management by our professional team.

Megainpharm GmbH solid practical experience, flawless business reputation and long-living history of tight cooperation with competent authorities and scientific research centers allows for offering our support and services in new medicinal products research, development and registration.

Thus, Myramistin® is one of the most successful medicinal products in a tight and highly competitive niche of the pharmaceutical market. Presently, Myramistin® is going through the second phase of clinical trials in Austria and Germany as a part of the project for obtaining Marketing Authorization in the EU, which not only enables marketing of the product in Europe, but also establishes a precedent, when a medicinal product completely developed in the Russian Federation, is approved for application by European customers. This project was launched in 2011 and should be finished in 2022- 2023 For the years of managing this project, Megainpharm GmbH has gained wealth of experience in registration of medicinal products on the territory of the European Union, that we offer to our clients looking into marketing of their medicinal products in Europe. At the same time, we work on the projects on entrance to markets of Central and South America, South Eastern Asia, Middle East and Northern Africa.

Due to the various activities, Megainpharm GmbH has rich experience in strong cooperation with different regulatory bodies and leading pharmaceutical research centers in Russia and Europe that allows our team to design and successfully implement different projects on registration of new drug products.