Example of the EU Product Registration in the EEU Countries


   Due to the fact that our company has direct access to the EEU countries through our long-term partner LLC INFAMED, we have already assisted few European producers to enter the Russian market with their finished pharmaceutical forms and medical devices.

Ordinarily, a European company has a set of sufficient documents available and general understanding of market entrance strategy. Yet, in the field of product localization, local representatives often face challenges arising in regard of local market specificities. Our company has ample experience and knowledge how to facilitate local registration sooner and less costly with respect to future product marketing strategy.

   In certain cases, additional research and consultation with competent authorities may be required. In other cases, detailed marketing research for determination of targeted market niche may be considered (mostly, for generic products). At times, tight support is needed with product promotion (existing network of medical representatives), and at other warehousing services may be required (in case a foreign partner is not ready to establish a legal entity on the territory of the Russian Federation).

For the past 7 years, our company has addressed 7 applications from foreign producers, 3 of each successfully entered the Russian, Kazakh and Armenian market. We are ready to share our experience with such tasks.